A Week of Happy Hours: Jersey Shore Style

April 11, 2018 - comments

ShoreTV New Jersey loves to talk FOOD! The Jersey Shore area is home to some really great culinary creations especially when it comes to Happy Hours.  And no doubt, people love a great meal, but cutting costs on that meal can make a restaurant far more enjoyable. The Jersey Shore is full of great happy hours deals. As ShoreTV New Jersey’s resident foodie, I’m going to take you on a week-long journey to happy hour deals between Atlantic Highlands and Belmar.

As a person who enjoys going out and grabbing some food and drinks, I have come to realize the toll that these hobbies take on a person’s wallet. I was tired of overspending, but didn’t want to give up the enjoyment of going out to restaurants during the week. How can someone keep enjoying nights out and not break the bank: happy hour offerings!

Keep in mind: One issue with happy hours is that they aren’t always the same. Restaurants change them and don’t always post on their sites about them. So, as the resident foodie, I have taken it upon myself to provide a week-long trip of cost-cutting tactics for delicious meals and a great time.

Here is my list of my personal favorite happy hours from restaurants along the Jersey Shore: 

  1. On The Deck Restaurant and Bar:
    10 Simon Lake Drive, Atlantic Highlands
    Monday – Friday; 3 pm – 6pm
  2. Dive! Coastal Bar & Food:
    1072 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright
    Monday – Friday; 3 pm – 7 pm
  3. Beach Tavern:
    33 West Street, Monmouth Beach
    Monday – Friday; 11:30 am – 7 pm
  4. The Robinson Ale House:
    1200 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park
    Monday – Friday; 4 pm – 7 pm
  5. La Dolce Vita:
    400 Ocean Avenue, Belmar
    Monday – Friday; 2 pm – 6 pm

Photos: On The Deck Restaurant and Bar

For a meal and a beautiful view, I visited On The Deck Restaurant and Bar in Atlantic Highlands. Enjoy a delicious variety of seafood and a low priced selection of drinks. When the weather cooperates, take your drinks to the back deck and enjoy the view of the NewYorkskyline.

Photos: Dive! Coastal Bar & Food

Next, I stopped by Dive! Coastal Bar & Food in Sea Bright for a fun night of drinks and cuisine. The menu consists of Mexican and American styled dishes that pair well with the diverse menu of drinks. Try the margaritas on Tuesdays for half price. Whether you’re playing darts or listening to live music, the happy hour experience at Dive! is one everyone can enjoy.

Photos: Beach Tavern

Traveling south on my Monday thru Friday tour, I stopped at s great restaurant on the water: Beach Tavern in Monmouth Beach. Numerous types of cuisines are offered on the happy hour menu, ranging from Italian to fresh seafood. Try their Brooklyn style pizza or tempura broccoli while choosing from a long list of discounted drinks.

Photos: The Robinson Ale House

Next stop, Asbury Park, where I spent some time at The Robinson Ale House for a great variety of half priced appetizers. The bar contains an endless assortment of beers, and a long wine list. After your meal, its location on the boardwalk offers a great opportunity for a nice walk to breathe in the salt air and to take in some fun boardwalk activities.

Photos: La Dolce Vita

And on my final Happy Hour stop traveling south along the Monmouth County coast, La Dolce Vita offers a large happy hour menu. With a lavish ambiance, La Dolce Vita provides a variety of delicious drinks and a list of savory plates, like Thai chili chicken wings and filet mignon tip sliders. The diversity in the menu is “shore to please.”

Happy hours are all over the Jersey Shore, and there are numerous deals that you can enjoy every day. During a week at the Jersey Shore, nothing is better than discount meals at some of the local hot spots! Have any other favorite happy hours I should check out? Share some of your favorites below.

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