The Jersey Shore: Picture Perfect for Your Health!

January 15, 2022 - comments

It is often said that photography is good for your health! The hobby could provide a therapeutic outlet to express our emotions and provide a healthy and soothing form of motivation.

And there is no better a place to take on this therapeutic outlet like the place we call home!

We all know the Jersey Shore is a beautiful place. That’s why ShoreTV New Jersey,, was created.  There are so many professional and amateur photographers that capture the scenes we call home.  For me, it’s a hobby that provides a feeling of inner-peace.  And from this photographer’s point of view, these are my favorite top 5 spots for the best photography along the Jersey Shore!

  1. Lavallette, NJ:


 Lavallette is nestled between Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights! As summer comes around, the beaches are crowed and you don’t want to have to worry about people being in the background of your pictures. Lavallette beach does offer the perfect spot for that summer sunrise photo. You may have to get up earlier than you would like, but once the sun breaks through the horizon, you’ll see nothing but beauty and the perfect scene for the perfect photo!

  1. Ortley Beach:

Ortley Beach is located right across from Toms River, and just before Seaside Heights! Ortley is a smaller beach but often you’ll be able to find sea glass, and plenty of shells! Ortley also has a jetty which creates a different backdrop for your beach pictures!

  1. Seaside Heights Boardwalk:

Seaside Heights Boardwalk or commonly known to the rest of the country as the “Jersey Shore” offers much more variety for pictures especially theme park related photos. At night during the summer, you will be able to capture the rides all lit up, making it perfect for a carnival themed photoshoot. The boardwalk is not limited to summer shoots however, get bundled up during the snowy season for a winter wonderland of photoshoot opportunities.

  1. Seaside Park:

Seaside Park is ideal for the adventurist’s winter themed photoshoot. Most residents of the beachside community leave their summer houses for the winter. This transforms any street into a cute “beachy” bungalow backdrop.

  1. Island Beach State Park:

Island Beach State Park offers more than just your typical beach. You will see plenty of wildlife, and miles of beach to choose from. Island Beach State Park has beach grass on the dunes before you get close to the water. This offers a unique beach picture that appeals to many!

For me, these are some of the best beach spots to get that perfect picture, some healthy meditation and relaxation…. and the best part is, it’s our backyard. You’ll find every shore community offers something different to capture on camera.  One thing they all have in common, they will all feature beautiful scenes and a relaxing opportunity to express yourself through photography. And it is for this reason I believe Jersey Shore photography is: Healthy for Shore

For more beautiful shots of the area in and around of the Jersey Shore, be sure to check out . Share with us  below your favorite Jersey Shore pictures and how you photographed them. As we like to say at ShoreTV New Jersey: Watch it. Live it. Love it.

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ShoreTV New Jersey Guest Blogger: Morgin Phillips

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