An Inside Look at Surfing…Jersey Shore-style!

June 21, 2018 - comments

ShoreTV New Jersey is here to bring people an online, inside look at what makes the Jersey Shore area a special place to live, visit and play!  What better way to play than surfing! 

As ShoreTV NJ’s resident surfer, I was born and raised in Lavallette, a small beach town in Ocean County. As a kid being that close to the ocean, it helped me come to an understanding of what made me happy in life. Surfing has helped me in so many ways over the years from the amazing people I’ve met, the places I’ve been or most importantly the sanity it provides me. There is nothing that I love more than the ocean and the act of surfing.

The quality of the waves we get on the East coast are quite underrated compared to that of California or Hawaii. New Jersey surfing requires a lot of work and commitment especially in the winter time. The water drops to around 40 degrees and the waves tend to be the best during the cold months from various storms impacting the coast. The quality of the waves relies on the swell, winds, and tides. When these factors line up, it’s time to surf Jersey Shore-style…

Want to know more about what that experience feels like?  Check out my ShoreTV New Jersey surfing video blog!  (And a special “shout-out” on: video – Keith Forsythe and music – Beyond the Sky created by DC Fisher.)

The Jersey shore is home to beautiful beaches, people and communities. I am lucky enough to say that I have lived by the beach my entire life, and plan to keep it that way. There is just something special about this area we call home especially in the winter months.

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