Marina Life: Jersey Style

February 02, 2022 - comments

ShoreTV New Jersey takes a trip to Dredge Harbor, a marina located in Delran on the Delaware River. We spoke with marina experts about what to look for when selecting a marina. With so many marinas to choose from, you may not know what to consider. That’s where I come in. I have worked and belonged to a marina my entire life. I grew up on water and have always had a boat. Some of my fondest memories have come while on my boat with my family and friends. You want the best possible marina to keep your “baby” docked. Let’s hear from the folks who own Dredge Harbor to find out what we should be looking for. Here are the Top 5 things you want in a marina!

  1. Amenities


You are going to be spending a lot of time at your marina.  It becomes your second home. Since so much time is spent on your boat, amenities become important. You want clean and modern amenities to make spending a night on a boat even more enjoyable. Anyone who has showered on a boat knows it is not the easiest. Having a marina that has showers makes boat life a little more comfortable. Some days it may be too hot be lounging on your boat. Having a marina that has a pool gives you a way to stay cool all summer long. A cool amenity that Dredge Harbor offers is a gym. You can keep that summer body going! Also, having a gas dock in your marina makes life much easier to ensure your boat is always gassed up and ready to go.

  1. Culture

I have so many great memories spending the weekend at the marina with my family. Whether it was different activities the marina had going on or just relaxing in the sun. You want a marina that’s family friendly. Boaters are always willing to help one another. Being in a marina where everyone is friendly makes your stay that much better.  Just walking down the docks at Dredge Harbor people were greeting me which made me feel comfortable and welcomed.

  1. Tide


Tide is very important to boaters because you always want to make sure you have enough water! The tide can vary in different places depending on where you are. For example, being on the Delaware River the tide rises and falls a whole 7 feet. You want to make sure at low tide there is enough water under your boat.  The experts at Dredge Harbor also recommend getting a tide chart that way you know when high and low tide is.

  1. Protection From Storms

Living in New Jersey, you never know what kind of weather you will be facing. Unfortunately, storms like Hurricane Sandy will do their extreme damage.  Something to consider through….some marinas have an island in front of them blocking heavy winds and surging water. Without protection, your boat could end up damages while in your slip. So, take a look around and check out how the area is protected.

  1. Service Department           

Everyone who owns a boat knows that the word actually stands for B.O.A.T (Break out another thousand). I am sorry to say but eventually something will break on your boat. When this day comes, it is important to have someone at your marina who can repair your boat.  Best case: the mechanic can fix your boat without it leaving the water.

Your boat is like another family member and sometimes you love it more than your family! Make sure the marina you choose fits your needs. Marina life is a way of life and that means you will want to choose the best place to dock your newest addition. For more information on Dredge Harbor check out Once your choice is made set sail and enjoy. There is nothing better than exploring the water off the Jersey Shore. Share your favorite Jersey shore spots to explore by water below. Here’s to a great boating season!

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