Take It Easy Out There! The Meltdown and Re-Freeze at the Jersey Shore…

January 26, 2016 - comments

You’re back at work, the kids are back at school and the mounds of snow are everywhere around the Jersey Shore area.  Some snow may be melting during the day but those puddles have plenty of time to re-freeze overnight.  The best thing to do: slow down and keep these safety tips on your mind!

  • Pay Attention: slow down; keep an eye out for slick areas; always check the ground around you for ice whether driving or walking
  • Do the Shuffle:  If you must walk on ice or snow, shuffle by taking baby steps rather than taking full strides.  Those big steps could have you planted on the ground in no time.
  • Going Up or Downhill? Turn sideways and step with your leading foot.
  • Forget About Fashion: Wear the proper footwear.  Choose boots or shoes with rubber soles to gain traction.
  • Warm Up: The cold weather makes our muscles tighten up.  Avoid strains by doing some stretching before heading out.

Most of all, think warm thoughts.  After all, we are the Jersey Shore!


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